Senior Lecturer
Center for Systems and Control Research

School of Electrical & Information Engineering
Office CM4.226
Chamber of Mines Building
University of the Witwatersrand
South Africa
WITS 2050

e-mail        : o.nyandoro@ee.wits.ac.za
telephone  : +27 11 717 7245
fax             : +27 11 403 1929


ELEN4006 Measurement Systems

ELEN3016 Control 1
ELEN4016 Control II

ELEN1000 Matlab Code

ELEN7027 Embedded Control - Addendum


Lecturing Portfolio

Signals & Systems I

Mechatronics II

Electrical Engineering Topics for Metallurgical, Mining, Aeronautical, Industrial and Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineering Topics for Chemical and Metallurgical Engineers

Electrical Engineering Skills and Design

Engineering Design (Electrical)

Engineering Skills (Electrical)

Control 1
Control II

Measurements Systems

Research Interests

Real-time Scheduling Systems

Control Scheduling Co-Design

Anti-lock Braking Systems

Non-linear & Optimal Control

Industrial Software Control Systems

Industrial Software Management Systems
See also Centre for Systems and Control Engineering


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